post lieutenant/ public information officer

Steven Payton
arkansas State police

Among his many post duties, such as public information officer and marketing guru, Lieutenant Steven Payton is our committee teams leader. The post committee is broke up into three teams. These teams are each tasked with an area of emphasis of which each team works diligently on. Lieutenant Payton is the voice of each team and he is responsible for the oversight of each which includes their tasks, needs and assignments handed down from the Post Command Staff. 

Each Team is lead by a Post Sergeant. These particular Sergeants are responsible for the oversight of their teams including the teams' tasks, needs, and assignments. Post Committee Team Sergeants report to Lt. Payton.

Pope County Law Enforcement Explorers Post Committee Teams are as follows:

post sergeant 



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Post Standards Team

The Post Standards Team is responsible for developing and maintaining Post bylaws and policies. They are responsible for the development of the Post guide book which outlines the post bylaws and policies (Post Rules, Uniforms, Curriculum, dues, etc..) 

post sergeant

b.J. Gatlin
pope county sheriff's Office

post recruitment team

The Post Recruitment Team is responsible for the Post Recruitment initiatives. They develop and maintain recruitment programs and present such programs to our communities in order to recruit members for the Explorer Post. 

post sergeant/ business advisement



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POST Business advisement Team

The Post Business Advisement Team develops and maintains business outreach and fundraising efforts for the post. They develop programs, which are presented to civic clubs and local businesses in Pope County to raise funds to support the Explorer Post. The funds raised by this team help maintain the post year to year and provide hardship scholarships which assist Explorer applicants with specific financial needs. 




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